Main works

Recupero del Duomo dopo il terremoto del Friuli

The most important work produced by the Studio following a commission by the Italian Ministry of Culture is the remaking of two lunettes (The Crucifixion and The Incoronation of the Virgin) above the portals of Venzone's Chatedral. The intervention was part of an intenational collaborative project for the restoration of the Cathedral, which was almost entirely destroyed in the 1976's earthquake.

During the earthquake the two lunettes suffered such damage that it was impossible to restore them, and after rigorous and in-depth research the Studio was forced to undertake a complete remaking of the two works of art.

The long and complex high-relief sculptural work in gothic style on stone 'Aurisina fiorito' (see pictures) has given back to the rebuilt Cathedral the symbolic value that had been lost under the earthquake rubble.

In 2003-2004 the lunettes have been indicated by a European commission as one of the best examples of remaking in Europe.